About Us

Eternal Ground Films is an independent film group that’s all about having fun with scripts, cameras, and effects.

John and Scott are brothers living in Charleston, SC. They got the film making bug in 2014 after attending a local horror film festival. They’ve devoted much of their time since then to learning techniques, writing scripts, and working with other filming groups to understand the complexity that goes into filmmaking.

Scott, the older of the two, moved around around quite a bit, living in Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, and finally South Carolina. The fantasy and science fiction genres always piqued his interest and lends a unique influence to their filmmaking.

John grew up a huge horror fan and spent much of his younger years sneaking “off-limit” scary movies into the family room VCR after his parents went to bed.

/* Sorry for sneaking the movies, Mom. We love you! */

John knew that one way or another he would someday be involved in the horror film industry. In addition to his love of filming, he also dabbles in photography and music.

In 2014, as a Christmas gift, John bought himself and Scott tickets to the First Annual Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival. After three days of critiquing many movies of varying lengths, they decided that making films would be their new adventure. Two years later, John and Scott had their own film shown at the Crimson festival.

After six films and five official festival selections, John and Scott feel confident that this is what they are meant to do. They don’t claim to be the best (not yet!), but they have a damn good time doing it.

So watch their movies, subscribe to this site, and like them on Facebook. And for you gorehounds that get sucked into the world of horror, may God have mercy on your soul!