What Becomes of Us
Coming Soon!

The lives of seven people are broken when fate pushes them beyond the limits of reason. Can they make their way back or are they lost forever?

John and I set out to try something different with this film. We asked six filmmakers to each create… continue

Coming Soon!

A woman answers a “room for rent” advertisement and quickly becomes friends with the homeowner. But are they the only occupants?

This film was written in four hours and, except for two short scenes, shot in one weekend… continue

Screaming Hell
2017  :  17 min 21 sec  :  IMDb  :  Vimeo

Evil has taken over the world. Now is our time to take it back!

This is another film that departs from our original plan of making just horror movies. Although the story is based on evil, the film is primarily an action flick with motorcycles, cars, and guns. Here’s the story… continue

Die Panda Die
2017  :  12 min 21 sec  :  IMDb  :  Vimeo

Panda’s ruthless crime organization, The Menagerie, kills one of the Wolf Clan and now must prepare themselves for the revenge coming their way!

After doing so many dark horror films, we thought… continue

Blood Puppets
2016  :  2 min 27 sec  :  IMDb  :  Vimeo

Little helpers sacrifice one of their own to bring new life to a tired dancer.

We made this short film as a music promo for a musician (Chuck Phipps) that has helped us on multiple projects. He is releasing a new album later this year… continue

As I Prey
2016  :  8 mins 18 secs  :  IMDb

A night on the town with free drinks and a total stranger. What’s the worst that could happen?

This film started out as a really short and simple concept, but then morphed into something bigger. We originally planned a one-shot, first-person POV… continue

Mad Avenue
2015  :  8 min 55 secs  :  IMDb

Moving into a new place, a woman discovers a box that forces her to make a wish with unintended consequences.

This was another last minute film for us. John and I had an open weekend and were eager to film something. We had access to a good filming location and… continue

Midnight Macabre
2015  :  9 mins 32 sec  :  IMDb

A woman becomes a former shell of herself after severing ties with her family.

This film was a last minute replacement for a feature film we had planned to shoot. The original film, Hell Came With Me, had a number of locations… continue

The Cleansing Field
2014  :  5 mins 52 sec  :  IMDb

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.” -Blaise Pascal

WWe were really excited for this film. We loved the story and were able to secure a great location for the shoot… continue

Anna Awful
2014  :  11 mins 46 secs  :  IMDb

A woman scorned by her husband swears revenge with her dying breath. Local legend or terrifying reality?

This was the first project we did with actual equipment and therefore consider it our first film. A great improvement over our previous film… continue